Monday, March 2, 2015

Suitable Size of a Ping Pong Table Room

Before you intend to buy or build your own ping pong table, it is important that you already have an appropriate room for it. Your first priority is to make sure that the room must have enough spaces for the players to move around their playing corners. You have to know that an appropriate room makes the game a lot more enjoyable to play.

If it happens that you have an extra room such as an empty storage or garage room, you need to measure it if the table could fit inside the room with extra spaces for the players to move. Thus, you need to take the dimensional size of the table that you intend to buy or build (recognized official ping pong table dimensions is 9 feet length by 5 feet wide) then, layout an imaginary size of the table at the center of the room and check if there is sufficient space for the players movements. So if your garage or storage room doesn't have enough room then you might consider renovating it.

Ping Pong Empty Room

There is actually no official standard about the required playing space of ping pong. What's really important is that both competing players should be able to freely move around performing their movements without any restrictions.

Here are the following suggested measurements for the playing space of ping pong:

1. Playing Ping Pong just for Fun

If your purpose of owning a ping pong table is simply to have fun with your family and friends then an added extra space of 5 to 6 ft from both end-lines of the table is suggested. As for the sides, a space of at least 3 ft is already good enough. These suggested measurements is appropriate for two players only.

For a room to accommodate four players (doubles), you have to add at least 8 to 9 ft extra space from the end-lines of the table. And at the sides, the space must be at least 4 to 5 ft.

2. Robot Training

"Robot Training" is usually for single players only where they don't need any training partner.

Most ping pong tables manufactured today actually offers the feature where it can be folded into half. And to perform a robot training, the other half of the table can be folded vertically. This folded part of the table will act as the wall that causes the ball to bounce back into the player's corner.

A room intended for robot training requires a smaller size of room as compared to the setup mentioned above. For beginners, at least 2 meters space from the end-line of the table is suggested while for the intermediate and advance players (particularly defenders and loopers), the suggested space must be at least 4 to 5 meters.

3. Intermediate and Advance Players

According to the official stated rule of table tennis sport (rule, the suggested playing space or room for intermediate and advance players must be rectangular with the following dimensions:

a. 46 ft Long

b. 23 ft Wide

c. 16.4 High

If your room have more than enough space, you can setup a large net that takes the above dimensions.

Moreover, table tennis or ping pong is a fast-paced type of sport that requires movement behind the table's sides playing-corner. It's due to this reason why it's really important that the room must have enough space.

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