Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Build your Own Ping Pong Table?

Learn how to build your own ping pong table with the following detailed set of instructions.

But first,

Prepare the following materials

- 2 pieces of 2 x 2 lumbers. Take note that there are soft and hard type of lumber. You must choose somewhere in between which is not too soft and not too hard.

- A plywood with at least 5 x 5 feet of measurements. Recommended thickness is quarter of an inch or half. Actually, the thicker the better.

- Wood saw for cutting the wooden materials.

- Screws for wood. It is not advisable to use nails.

- A net with a length of at least 6 ft and a height of 6 inches.

- Other materials that you will be needing are masking tape, wood glue, enamel paint, paint brush and clamps.
And here are the following steps:

Form the rectangular frame

The very first step on making your ping pong table is to construct the rectangle frame by using the 2 x 2 lumbers. We will be following the official ping pong table dimensions stated by the ITTF which is 9 ft long and 5 ft wide. So cut two pieces of lumbers with 9 ft lengths then cut another two pieces of lumbers but this time with 5 ft lengths.

ping pong frame

Form a rectangular frame by attaching each ends of the lumbers using some wooden screws.

The table surface

Now that you have completed the frame, the next step is to make the table surface. If you are able to buy a plywood with 5 ft wide and 9 ft long or longer, all you have to do is to cut the excess of the length if it is longer than 9 ft then attach it on the frame. However, if the size of the plywood you bought is 5 x 5 feet then you need to cut one of the side to make it 5 x 4 feet. You will need two pairs of 5 x 4 feet plywood.

ping pong table surface

Lay the 5 x 4 feet plywood on the frame to complete the table surface. Make sure that the seam is exactly aligned at the middle. When you are sure about the alignment, you may now secure the plywood with the clamps and wood glue.

Perhaps take a minute break to allow the glue to dry completely.

Your ping pong table legs

You will need again four to six pieces of 2 x 2 lumber for the legs of your ping pong tables. Based from the ITTF, the standard height of a ping pong table must be 30 inches. This doesn't mean that you are going to cut four or six pieces 30 inches lengths of lumbers. You have to know that the thickness of the table top is included on the height. So if the table top has a thickness of 2.5 inches, you will have to deduct it to the standard height which is 30 inches. This gives you 27 and a half inches.

ping pong table legs

After cutting the legs, attach them to the table tops using the screws.

Painting the table

Commonly used color of a ping pong table are green and blue. Anyway, it actually depends on your own choice. After painting the table, you may need to take a longer break to wait for the paint to dry up.

ping pong green table

Assuming that the paint already dried up, it's time to paint the white lines at the edges of the table including the center. The thickness of the white lines must be 3/4 inches. Use the masking tape in painting these lines.

Attach the net

Grab the net and attach it at the center of the table by using clamps. It must be 6 feet high.

play ping pong

Congratulations, your ping pong table is now complete. All the rest you need are your ping pong paddle, a ball and a partner to play the game.

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