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Table Tennis Shoes | Buying Tips

Players wearing appropriate table tennis shoes gets to show their top or best performances on their matches. You have to know that this athletic sport type of game do involve a lot of sudden fast-pace movements. It is for this reason why shoe manufacturers had genuinely designed perfect table tennis shoes especially for the serious players of the game.

So if you think that you are getting good at playing table tennis and you are becoming serious about it, you should consider buying your own special table tennis shoes.

Although, a table tennis shoe is actually optional to a player. It's because there are some people who already find themselves at the best comfort of their own ordinary sneakers. But even though, it is highly suggestible that you should at least own one pair of real table-tennis shoes. This is for you to allow yourself to experience playing on a real ping-pong shoes which lets you determine if you still want to stick with your old pair of shoes.

If you also play other sports such as tennis, badminton, basketball or volleyball and it happens that you own a shoe designed for any of these sports, then they are also suitable to be used for playing table tennis or ping-pong. But above all, a suitable shoe should meet your requirements.

Why Are Ordinary Rubber Shoes Not Good Enough?

Ordinary rubbers shoes are most likely designed with flashy style because they are intended to be worn as ordinary footwear and not really for any sport activities. Due to this reason, the majority of ordinary rubber shoes most likely results into injuries.

Here are the following possible injuries that you may suffer from wearing an ordinary rubber shoes from playing table tennis:

1. Accidentally Slide or Slip

When playing table tennis or ping pong table, being able to move fast is a very important factor to win the match. But, if you are wearing a shoe that doesn't properly stick on the floor, chances are, you will accidentally slide or slip around the court. The worst thing that could happen is when you slip and hit your head on the floor or on the table.

2. Heavy Shoe

Most ordinary rubber shoes are made of durable and heavy materials. As a result, wearing such shoe for just an hour of playing will make you start to feel that your shoe is getting heavier. This affects your performance particularly slowing your movements down.

3. Suffer an Aching Foot

Since ordinary rubber shoes are not really designed for fast and continuous movement, playing table tennis for a couple of hours could lead into an aching foot.

4. Spraining your Ankle

There were already several reported incidents about players spraining their ankles while playing table tennis especially for a long duration period of time. And the most common reason was that, they were wearing some random ordinary rubber shoes.

You have to know that special table tennis shoes are well designed to prevent every possible issues such as those mentioned above. Those issues can really hinder the performance of the player.

Important Qualities of a Table Tennis Shoe

There are a lot of competing table tennis shoe products out in the market today. However, it doesn't mean that they are all good products that you can just randomly grab and buy one of them. Still, there are qualities that you need to consider.

Here are the following tips about the qualities of a table tennis shoe that you should importantly consider before buying:

A Comfortable Shoe

As already stated above, table tennis or ping pong table involves a lot of fast-paced movement where you will be chasing the ball and hitting it with your paddle most of the time. It is for this reason why it is very important that you should always feel comfortable wearing your shoe.

To test a suitable and comfortable shoe that fits your foot, you have to wear it. Thus, it is suggested not to buy your table tennis shoe from an online store. It is still actually best to make an effort visiting an actual shop so that you can wear it allowing you to choose the right size for your feet.

Aside from the size, you also have to inspect the shoe's fabric material that it can provide the adequate ventilation for your feet to breath allowing the heat out.

Foot Support

Table tennis shoes comes in different designs especially when it comes to foot support. If you are the type of player that needs support on your ankle then you may choose a shoe with a low-cut design.

Shock Absorber

Most sport manufacturers focused in designing their shoe product to be as light as possible. Due to this reason, they disregard adding shock absorber. Anyway, a shock absorber isn't really important if you are playing on a nice wooden sprung floor. According to some experts, a shoe with a shock absorber is best recommended when you intend to play on a concrete ground-floor for a long duration period of time.

Playing on a hard surface-floor on a shoe with no shock absorber can result into a painful joint injury.

Unfortunately, all shoes with shock absorbing qualities do degrade in time. So if you do play a lot or regularly, you should consider replacing your shoe for at least every six months period. For occasional players, you can replace your shoes on a yearly basis.


Table tennis or ping pong also involves endurance and stamina. In order to prolong your endurance and stamina, you need to wear the lightest table tennis shoe as much as possible. But as stated above, most lightweight shoes does not offer any shock absorption.


Avoid buying those cheap imitations because they are most likely made of none durable materials. They won't last long enough where you will end up buying another shoe for replacement. Thus, only buy original products with recognized brand.


Nobody wants to get accidentally slip down on the floor because it could result into an injury. But, this usually happens especially when you play on a slippery floor. So when choosing a shoe, you should choose those with rubber soles to get a good grip on the floor.

Flashy Style

Anyone wants to wear a flashy shoe but always consider this as your last option. Don't ever sacrifice comfort or any of the other tips mentioned above just to wear a flashy table tennis shoe to impress the audience or anyone around as you play.

Table Tennis Shoe

Overall, if you keep those tips in mind as you go around the store to buy your own table tennis shoe, it is for sure that you will be able to find the right and suitable shoe for you to wear.

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