Saturday, January 10, 2015

Girls of Table Tennis Sport

It's not just boys but also girls are making a record of their names in the history of table tennis sport. In fact the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) wants to improve the image of table tennis for women by asking all sport product manufacturers to produce sexier feminine outfit.

In the past, female players do actually wear the same outfit as the male. They also wear shorts that some of them were unfortunately mistaken as male players. Now, the ITTF wants to see girls playing in their skirts. As a result, a lot of table tennis outfit for women with different varieties, colors and designs (to give them a lot of choices to wear) are now made available on the market.

Top Three Most Attractive Girl-Player in Table Tennis Sport

Some fans aren't a part of the big audience to watch the competition. They are actually there just to be able to see their favorite player in action. It really doesn't matter to them if their favorite player had lost or won the match as long as they get to see them. Most of these players are actually women.

Here are the top three girls of table tennis sport that gathered high demands of audiences or fans due to their very attractive looks or appearances:

1. Biljana Golic

Most people refer to her as "Biba Golic" and what really made her famous is her film-star looks especially when she wears her sexy table tennis outfits. But, sad to say that being beautiful and sexy does not have anything to do with being good at playing table tennis. Regardless of her performance, the majority of Biba's audience are her fans. This makes her the number one or most in-demand female table tennis player in the US.

Anyway, Biba's last World Ranking was at number 329 and that was way back in June 2012. On this date onwards, she stopped playing in which she ended up losing her rank.

2. Daniel Dodean-Monteiro

Daniela is another female player that is an attraction to a lot of audience. Unlike Biba, she has a better performance because of her current rank which is at number 40 (May 2014) in the list of Women's World Ranking division.

Her latest achievement was when she and her partner Elizabeta Samara had competed in the European Championships Women's Double in 2012 where they had won the title.

3. Svetlana Ganina

World Rankings in the women's division are actually being dominated by Asian players. But in terms of attractions or number of audiences, Svetlana Ganina from Russia has the highest number of attentions.

In terms of performance, Svetlana used to be at the World Ranking listed at number 34 in June 2007. However, her ranking went drastically down to number 133 in March 2013. From this point onward (just like Biba), she stopped playing which made her rank lapsed.

Female Athlete

Moreover, there is a growing number of girls engaging themselves in table tennis sport today. Thus, I won't be surprised when female players with fashion model looks or appearances joins the sport.

How about you? Who is your favorite female table tennis player?

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