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Ping Pong Table Dimensions | Official ITTF Standards

Ping pong table dimensions is technically important for people who are planning to build or buy their own ping pong table.

But before we continue, what exactly is "Ping Pong"?

Ping pong is more commonly known as "Table Tennis". It is actually a popular table sport consisting of either 2 or 4 players. When played by 2 individuals, the match is called "Singles" while for 4 players, it is called "Doubles".

The equipment used to play the game are the following:

1. Ping Pong Paddle

A ping pong paddle is a hand-held equipment used by each player to hit the ball. Some players also call it racket or bat.

2. Ball

The ball is made out of a very lightweight plastic material that it easily bounces off especially on hard and smooth surfaces.

3. Table

The table comes in rectangular shape. To be discussed below is the official ping pong table dimensions that is recognized by the ITTF.

4. Net

Just like Volleyball and Tennis Ball (court), table tennis also has a net setup at the center of the table.

How to Play Ping Pong?

When ping pong is to be played by 2 individuals, they will be competing against one another which will be a one-on-one match. As for 4 individuals, each opposing team will consists of two players which makes it a two-on-two player match.

Ping Pong Single Match

In order to start the match, one of the player needs to serve the ball from his side while the opposing player from the other side of the table prepares to counter-hit the ball. Assuming that the ball has been served successfully and the opposing player had countered it, the player who originally served the ball needs to do the same. The process of hitting the ball back-and-forth on each side of the table continues until one of the player will commit mistake.

The player who failed or missed to hit the ball losses the point where the score-point goes to the other opposing player. Other than committing mistake or failure to hit the ball, a player can also lose a score-point when the ball he hit got caught by the net.

We will go into further details on how to play ping pong on the next succeeding posts.

The ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation)

Ping pong or table tennis was founded on 1926 by an organization called "ITTF" or the "International Table Tennis Federation"). The original members of this organization simply consisted of only 218 members. But through their effort, they managed to promote this table sport around the world gaining a large number of both participants and audiences.

In the past few years, table tennis was included in the "Olympic Games" which is an international sport competitions for the best players around the world. To tell you, many athletes actually dream of competing in the Olympics. Other than the Olympics are also other international competitions such as the World Table Tennis Championships, ITTF World Tour and etc...

In all international table tennis competitions, the presence of the ITTF organization is important. It is actually their job to observe and regulate the rules of the game. Above all, they have the power to make any official changes to the rules of table tennis.

Who can Play Ping Pong or Table Tennis?

There is actually no restriction to any players when it comes to ping pong or table tennis sport. Anyone can play it as long as he has the "interest".

Players of this table sport are divided into two major groups. First are the casual players and second are the serious type of players.

Casual players are individuals with the interest of playing ping pong just for the sake of having fun or to entertain themselves. However, serious table tennis players does have the passion to become the best player or at least one among the top players on the list.

When it comes to the playing table, serious players will only consider playing or practicing on a table that follows the official table dimensions recognized by the ITTF. You have to know that all tables used in the competitions are always inspected that they do follow the official requirements.

By playing on a table that confirms to the official table requirements, this allows the player to be fully acquainted on his playing field. This is really one good and great advantage skill that only professional players can achieve.

As for the casual players, they are free to choose and play on any kind of tables with different sizes. In short, the table that they will be playing on doesn't matter as long as they enjoy.

Official or Standard Ping Pong Table Dimensions

Based from the official rule stated by the ITTF, the official or standard ping pong table dimensions should be as follows:
Length - 2.74 m / 8.99ft / 107.87 inches

Width - 1.525 m / 5 ft / 60 inches

Height - 0.76 m / 2.49 ft / 29.92 inches
If you intend on constructing your own official ping pong table, the most important aspect is on how you properly construct the table surface. You need to choose the right material and it must be continuous without any cuts. The reason is to achieve a uniformed bouncing of the ball upon impact.

ITTF actually have a means of testing the surface of the table if it complies with their set of standards. What they do is that, they will drop a standard ball at about 30 cm high from the table surface. As a result, the ball should bounce back uniformly for about 23 cm or 9 inches high.

Building an Official Ping Pong Table

With the stated official ping pong table dimensions above, you can build your own official ping pong table provided that you have the tools, materials and skills.

ping pong table dimensions

Here are the following basic instructions for the construction of your table:

1. The table must be rectangular. As already stated above, the length is 2.74 m, width is 1.525 m and the height from the floor onto the table surface must be 0.76 m.

2. Common commercial tables (surfaces) are painted with dark green, blue or gray. But, what's really important is that the surface must be painted with any dark color. It's because according to the experts, dark color helps in making the ball more visible to the players.

3. At the four edges of the table, white lines consisting of 2 cm thickness must be painted. Other than the edges, a thinner line (3 mm) must also be painted at the middle of the table.

4. It is very important for the table-surface to use a material with continuous surface. This means that there are no cuts on the board that has been fitted together. The reason is that when the ball lands on any of those fitted portions, it can cause the ball to bounce off at some random directions.

Assuming that you have finally completed your ping pong table, you need to setup its net for the final touch. The length of the net must be 6 ft or 1.83 m long which must be overhang at a height of 6 inches or 15.25 cm.

Overall, the official ping pong table dimensions is strictly observed in most events or competition. Thus, if you are a beginner who is a serious player hoping to compete against other tough competitors then, its best to start your training on a table that follows the official standards set by the ITTF.


Jonathan Patterson said...

Would you recommend those tables with detachable table tops? I am actually planning on buying one and what would be the desirable dimensions?

Elmo said...

Detachable table surface is actually good but what you really need to take a close look is the bouncing impact of the ball. When you hit the ball aiming it toward a certain direction, it should go that way. But, if it happens that it went the other way around then there is something wrong with the table surface.

If you really are a one serious player then I do recommend that you should follow the measurements stated above. But if you are simply an occasional player, the table dimension is really not an important matter as long as you are comfortable playing and having some fun on it.

Shellane Dowski said...

To tell you guys, here in the UK most tables that are commonly used around has a size of 6 or 7 feet width and 9 feet in length.

Elmo said...

It has 1 to 2 inch wider from the width that is recognized by the ITTF standard. I think such tables are for occasional players only.

Bom Tagum said...

How about the space of the room needed for the ping pong table?

Dante Uno said...

I do suggest at least 10 feet longer and wider than the pool table. This is already good enough for an average table tennis player. But for the expert, wider space is needed. Suggested available space must be 25 feet or more. There should be no blocking objects or furniture around.

Shoul Seol said...

Dante does have a point but in my own personal experience as a ping pong player, the general rule of thumb is to have at least 5 feet clearance on each side of the table. With this space, it allows you to comfortable stroke the ball.

Overall, a 7 feet table size will require at least 17 feet long x 13.5 feet wide space area.

Marcos Tong said...

If I am going to buy a ping pong table, what important features do you need to look?

Tagenting Clute said...

Most importantly, do not buy ping pong table that is cheap. You will regret it. Good ping pong tables in the market do have prices that ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 or more.

The table top must also have slate area and not just a painted wood. In fact, good table tops do have cloth cotton or wool that blends on the surface which serves as a covering.

Elmo said...

Nice guys!

I do appreciate you guys for answering the questions for me.

Walter Smith said...

In the Olympic games, are the table dimensions above is what's really being used in the tournaments?

Goldar Jumah said...

Yes, that's the correct table size used in the Olympics. Other than the table dimensions, I find that most of the tables they used are of dark green colors with a 2 cm white colored line along the edges. There is a also a white line down at the center which has a thickness of 3 mm. Players do use this line for double games.

Christopher Jones said...

Me and my family had decided to add a game room inside our house. However, we just have a small house and there is not enough room for a ping pong table.

I actually took the measurement suggested above then I realize that it does not fit in the our game room.

Please do suggests.

Urukay said...

Ping pong tables comes in different sizes so the best suggestion is to look and buy those tables that can fit inside your game room. If you cannot find such table then your next best option is to build a customized table. Although, this requires some skills.

John Bautista said...

I just want to add some information about the ping pong table dimensions mentioned on the post.

In the US the table tennis dimensions that is approved by the association are the following:

Length: 108 inches

Width: 61 inches

Height: 30 inches


Weight: 250 lbs

Boy Talo said...

I have been building ping pong tables for the past three months and I couldn't even create one perfect table. It's because I couldn't cut the proper measurement of the table board. I regret that I should have bought a ready-made table.

Elmo said...

Cutting the wood to be used as the board with an ordinary saw, you will surely won't be able to cut the correct dimensions. There are actually machines that does the perfect cutting.

Jung Geum said...

What is the difference between an official size from the standard size of a ping pong table?

Elmo said...

There is no difference. Official is exactly the same as the "Standard". I do actually use these two words alternately but they do basically mean the same thing.

Stryker Tucker said...

How about the average size of the ping pong blade?

Elmo said...

I already do have a good discussion about ping pong blades or paddles. Please do use the search button to search for the topic.

But anyway, here your answer.

The average size of the blade is about 6.6 inches or 16.5 cm long with 6 inches or 15 cm wide.

Yaroslov Pochinka said...

Does the Olympic games follows the table dimensions being enforced by the ITTF? If not then what are the table dimensions that they do follow?

Walter Smith said...

Please read the previous comment above. I already did asked this similar question and the answer is yes. The ITTF also handles the rules of table tennis in the Olympic games.

But in addition to the table dimensions already stated above, I also want to add the ball which must be made out of celluloid material. And, the size of the ball must be exactly 40 mm in diameter.

Chempoy said...

Alright guys! Chill out because I'm about to give to you the ultimate answer to the official ping pong table dimensions.

The dimensions are, 108" x 60" x 31".

Walter Smith said...

This guy above is so funny. Everybody already knows about that. It's even written in the main post. And the answer you gave, at least try to indicate which of those are the length, width and height.

Chuck Seol said...

Since somebody had mentioned here about the ping pong ball, it came across my mind the curiosity if golf balls do have similar size as the ping pong balls. Anybody who can clarify this question of mine?

Juliet Heather said...

Nice and interesting blog about ping pong. I myself also do enjoy playing ping pong in which I consider it as my daily physical exercise.

Just to answer the question above, I made a research and here's what I found out.

The diameter of a ping pong table used to be 38 mm but ITTF had made recent changes increasing the diameter of the ball to 40 mm. As for the diameter of the golf balls, it is exactly 1.680 inches or 42.67 millimeter. Thus, they are not equal in size.

I hope this helps.

Miggy Spugs said...

When I was watching a table tennis competition between a Korean versus a Russian player, I find it that the table they use seems to be small.

With my gained interest of wanting to play table tennis, I went to the store to buy myself a table. Then what I found was that, most of the tables were large sizes.

Lim Skutsy said...

All international table tennis competition uses tables that follows the ITTF standards. These measurements are already indicated on the post and mentioned by other previous commenters above.

The only possible reason that I can come up why you view the table as small in size from your television set was the camera angle. Probably, the angle was set for a long shot behind the player. Thus, it creates an optical illusion of the table being small.

Melanie said...

It seems that all of you guys here are active or well experience ping pong players. I'm sure that I am at the right place to ask this question.

How much does it really cost to buy an average ping pong table?

Anna said...

It actually depends on what country you are from. In the US, you can buy a decent ping pong table for around $100 to $200 US dollar currency.

Gotom said...

Melanie, since you are a new player. I do suggest that you should buy ping pong tables that ranges from 80 to 400 dollars. Since you are a complete beginner, the cheaper the table you are going to buy the better. Practice on that cheap table first until you get better at your skill then that will be the time that you can buy a better table.

Pultak said...

Between ping pong and basketball, which do you think between these two sports requires the utilization of intelligence in order to win against your opponent?

Curtis Uexel said...

For me its ping pong. It's because you have to think for a good strategy that works against your opponent in order to gain a score. Applying the same strategy also does not work most of the time because your opponent can easily devise a counter plan.

In basket ball, the coach is the one responsible for his team. It is only the coach's intelligence that get's challenge but not the players.

Austin said...

Curtis is right, and since ping pong is a fast paced type of sport, your intellect is being challenge to think and act quick. Otherwise, you will lose if you are always standing there with blank mind of not knowing what to do.

Basket ball is a game of skill and team work. That's the biggest key in winning the game. A good strategy is rendered useless if the team does not know how to work with one another.